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Looking for a specialist, independent party wall surveyor for property in London or the Home Counties?

Conway & Fisher can offer advice and prepare Party Wall Awards, notices and agreements for you.


We work with:

·      Commercial or residential property owners

·      Builders and architects

·     Local authorities and housing associations 

   We can help you whether you are planning to carry out work on your property or are in an adjoining building that may be affected by the proposed work.


How can Conway & Fisher help you?

The best way to avoid costly, frustrating and time consuming party wall disputes is to ensure that you follow the established procedures laid out in the Party Wall Act. We can help you to do this.

We help shops, offices and homes to plan basement conversions, loft extensions, garden wall renovations, infills, rear extensions and the removal of walls or chimney breasts.

We also can advise and act for those who are potentially affected by the works that their neighbours are carrying out.
As members of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club, which has promoted excellence in party wall practice since 1974, we are dedicated to offering you the best independent party wall services.



Does the Party Wall Act affect you?

If you are planning building works that are close to a neighbouring property then the Party Wall Act could influence your plans. 

The Act applies to work that may affect a wall that is between you and your neighbour. It applies to both the person planning the work and the neighbour who may be affected.

If you are not sure if your work may be affected by the Act contact us today for a free, frank appraisal.

A full summary of the Act and its implications can be found here . 


How can we help you avoid party wall disputes?

We ensure that any actions you take are within the legal framework set out by the Party Wall Act.

Information about the Act can get very technical and complex but we always try to explain things in a clear and concise way to you.


Party Wall Notices

If you are carrying out the work you must give notice to your neighbours. This must be done in a set format and within a set timeframe.

Conway & Fisher can help you create your Party Wall Notice.
Call us on 0203 322 4332 to discuss any concerns you have and for impartial, independent advice. 


Party Wall Agreement

You may wish to draw up a Party Wall Agreement with your neighbour even if consent is offered. This provides you both with a written framework that ensures the work is carried out legally, fairly and safely.

We can help you create a legally binding Party Wall Agreement.


Party Wall Award

Where consent is not offered a party wall surveyor will create a Party Wall Award after inspecting the properties. This details the works, any precautions that must be taken and any other issues that may remain.

Conway & Fisher are independent, impartial party wall surveyors. We can act on behalf of those carrying out work or for those affected by the work. We often work for both at the same time.

Find out more about how a Party Wall Award can protect you.


If you are affected by party wall issues contact Conway & Fisher for expert advice, impartial surveys and specialist service. 

Call us on 0203 322 4332 to discuss any concerns you have and for impartial, independent advice.

Conway & Fisher: The party wall specialists.



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