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The Party Wall Act: a step by step guide for those in Adjoining properties

At Conway & Fisher we are committed to making your rights and responsibilities under the Party Wall Act as easy to understand as possible.

If your neighbour is planning changes to their property that may affect your adjoining wall you can use the flow chart below to find out how the Party Wall Act (1996) applies to you.

What is your neighbour planning to build?
A loft conversion An extension
Do you have a party wall that you share with your neighbour? Is your neighbour planning to have foundations that are closer than three metres to your house or garage?
No Yes No
  The Party Wall Act does not apply to you. Was your house built before 2015? The Party Wall Act does not apply to you.
Your neighbour must serve you with a Party Wall Noticei before any work has been started.
The Party Wall Act does not apply to you.
When you receive a Party Wall Notice from your neighbour you must respond to it within 14 days: failure to do so is automatically considered as registering your dissent.
By registering your dissent to the Notice you request a Schedule of Conditionii (as known as a Party Wall Survey) and a Party Wall Awardiii.
By giving your consent to the Notice you state that you do not want a Party Wall Survey or a Party Wall Award.
You must appoint a surveyor and forward the Party Wall Notice to them: the surveyor's fees will be met by your neighbouring property's owner. You must return the form indicating your consent to your neighbouring property's owner.
Your surveyor, and the surveyor appointed by your neighbour, will undertake a survey of the relevant parts of your property.
The Party Wall Act allows both parties to appoint the same surveyor should they wish to.
As a result of the survey a Party Wall Award will be produced. This is the legal document required by the Party Wall Act.
The works may now begin.
On completion of the works your property will be inspected by a surveyor to assess if any damage has occurred.

For more information about your rights under the Party Wall Act or to appoint a surveyor call us today on 0203 322 4332.

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