Glossary Words

Adjoining owner This is the person or company who is the freeholder or leaseholder of the adjoining property.
Building Owner This is the person or company that is proposing to undertake the works.
Party Wall This is a wall that is shared by two properties.
Party Wall Award This is a legal document prepared by the surveyor(s) and will include names and addresses of the two parties, a description of the works, the obligations and rights of the two parties. It will also include working hours applicable to the works defined in it, the protection that must be afforded to the adjoining owners property, and the relevant insurances that must be held. The award will not relate to such matters as easements, covenants, boundary disputes or any other matter unrelated to the works.
Party Wall Notice This is issued by the building owner (or his chosen representative) informing his neighbour of the works he proposes to undertake and to be valid, must include the name and address of the building owner, a description of the works including drawings showing the site and depth of proposed foundations and a date when works are proposed to start.
Party Wall Surveyor This is the person that is appointed by the building owner and/or the adjoining owner to formalise party wall matters. Each party may appoint their own surveyor or may choose to appoint the same or 'agreed surveyor'.
Schedule of Condition This is a survey of the relevant parts of an adjoining owners property before works begin and will be in writing and usually included in the Party Wall Award.

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